We have now entered in the divine city of Vrindavan, district of Mathura with our project "GOKUL DHAM" ninety miles southeast of Delhi. This is the place where you can make your dreams come true. An investment in our project will ensure a whole new style of peace, progress, and prosperity
Vrindavan is a replica of that supreme Vrindavan in the spiritual sky. In all of India, that eighty-four-square-mile tract of land is considered to be the most sacred place of pilgrimage because Krishna sported in it, and many devotees still linger there in ecstasy in search of Krishna and his childhood associates.
Vrindavan is illuminated by numberless moons of spiritual bliss. It is cooled by the sweet nectar of spiritual love and it is filled with desire trees and many hosts of madly cooing birds. Whose heart will not run to Sri Radha-Krishna, who enjoys eternal transcendental pastimes in that Vrindavan.
We have already through with the construction of Wing A of our project "PURAB MANOR" while the construction of Wing B is in full swing.
Purab Manor is set on Whitefield road, a tranquil sub-urban extension of Bangalore. Purab Manor offers an escape from the dreary and monotony of modern urbanity, offering close proximity to the city centre connected by a network of ring roads
The community lies close to educational institutions, hospitals like Sri Satya Sai Medical and Research Institute, a host of multinational companies and software parks not to mention entertainment centers, restaurants and shopping malls.
The entire setting is designed as an answer to a contemporary need both with respect to its functionality and an aesthetic akin to a fast emerging global culture offering the finest in construction, design, materials and spatial quality
The ambience caters to a well traveled and knowing clientele who wants to come back home to comfort and quiet contemplation or in contrast bring back home friends who need to be entertained either formally or otherwise
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